Friday, 28 September 2012

Teeth Whitening - I get "The Stuff"

It's here, The Stuff....

I've two trays, a de-sensitiser, whitening stuff, full instructions and toothpaste.
Here's what I need to do:

Night One
Put the stuff in the green syringe in the trays (this is the de-sensitiser)

Night Two Onwards
Put the clear stuff in the trays (this is the whitening stuff)

If you feel sensitivity, go back to Vitality (

In truth, it's more caring than that.  The process can make your teeth feel sensitive, which is a real concern as my teeth hate even the air that dentists blow at them.   There are ways of managing this and Vitality were at pains to reinforce how they can support me.  Arvin tells me he's never had a patient fail the process and never had a patient feel on-going sensitivity.  I have absolute faith in him.

I'm nervous, but excited as my teeth will look better in just two weeks time - bring it on.

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