Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Teeth Whitening

It was when I got the photos taken for this blog (you know, the one on the rhs in the black and white blouse) that I looked at the shots and realised that my teeth were perhaps not Simon Cowell-esque in their brightness.  The truth is that discoloured teeth are ageing and these days it’s easily fixed.

I went to see Arvin Mirzadeh (hands up, he is also my dentist) who runs the very caring Vitality Dental Practice in Pulborough (www.vitality-dental.com ) .  Arvin is relatively new in Pulborough but he’s built a reputation for kindness, excellence and cleanliness.   Oh yes, he’s also very honest about your dental situation and won’t cut you any slack on the flossing front.  Over past appointments we’ve discussed teeth whitening, the various methods available and why he favours trays rather than blue light treatment which I'll tell you about in a future blog.

Stage one is very fast.  Arvin gets two trays and checks that they fit your mouth after taking some truly hideous before photos, which you can see with the after shots in 2 weeks time.  He then fills the trays with dental "Plasticine" that stars quite runny and firms up around the teeth in order to take a proper impression.  It’s a real mouthful, but he does the bottom first, then the top and checks on comfort throughout.  I thought I might gag but, luckily for both him and me, I managed not.  As the resin hardens Arvin wiggles the mould, off it comes and into the post.   My personalised trays will come back this Thursday when I get told about how to use the gel.

My teeth can be quite sensitive due to thin enamel so I'm really interested to see how I get on.  The last time I attempted this (around 10 years ago) I found it so painful on the outside of my teeth that I didn't get past Day 1, but Arvin assures me it will be fine. 

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