Friday, 14 September 2012

Cannes Film Festival-The Goddess

At the Cannes Film Festival earlier this year (which, frankly, was chucking it down with rain for 48 hours solid and not the sunshine spring jaunt I was banking on), I got to work with the Olivier award-winning Laura Michelle Kelly (Mary Poppins), who was starring with Ronan Keating in his very first film, The Goddess.

It was my first time at the Festival and it was quite an experience.  Security is tight everywhere and no one wants to look like they're rubber necking, which was good, as without my glasses I can't see anything at all.  Clearly there were lots of stars there but, to be blunt, I couldn't have recognised them in a line up.  The last time I recognised anyone was Jeffery Archer in Le Caprice just before he got sent down, which dates me somewhat.  I accept that I was in the Dorchester Spa in June when Jenson Button was there, but while everyone else saw him, my glasses were off hence I missed him.

I was in Cannes with Mary Kay who were sponsoring the after-show party as well as providing the make up artist for LMK and Ronan throughout their stay.  Ronan is a decent bloke who is pretty low maintenance.  Let me tell you he knows how to work a room and genuinely puts the graft in.  Laura - bless her - agreed to let me do a video interview with her on beauty routines, secrets, Cannes etc and I'll upload it shortly.  

In the meantime, if you're in London and not at London Fashion Week you can see it for real this weekend as part of Film Fest Australia
Take a box of choccies and enjoy.

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