Thursday, 20 September 2012

Skin Nasties

I had the pleasure last night of meeting Kate Buckman, who runs Essential Beauty up at Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre (

Kate offers all the usual treatments, but she is also one of the few therapists in West Sussex trained in Advanced Electrolysis which treats a range of skin nasties from warts, moles, milia, skin tags, blood spots, red veins etc. which is why I visited her.  I'm writing a piece for October on this amazing treatment which really can change lives.

These before & after shots are of a man who had a wart on his lip (bottom picture).  His wife hadn't kissed him for 15 years because of it yet with a simple course of Electrolysis the result above revolutionised his life. (photos courtesy of Elaine Stoddart, the doyenne of Advanced Electrolysis in the UK ).  Cases such as this and mole removal often require your doctor's assurance that it's safe (and sensible) to proceed, but many cases for other problems can be treated without referral, you just need to ask your therapist what they think is best.

There are many stories like this and Kate was fascinating to talk to and we discussed how Electrolysis has become less fashionable as it's a treatment usually associated with hair removal and is perceived less "high tech" than perhaps lasers are.   I think it's a really interesting subject and if you want to know more check out the piece and Kate's salon review on 25th October 2012 in WSCT and on my website.

(The dreaded needle!)

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