Monday, 17 September 2012

Last night we took the before photos of our makeover participants for WSCT.  They are very good sports and we're looking forward to the transformation

Our first lady, Sue Jones, summoned up the incredible self discipline to not only get fit, but lost two and a half stone in the process.  Sue's a really lovely lady who worked jolly hard to get her weight down and we had a good chat about the whole process which I'll share when the piece is published.

Our second, Jasmin Martin is just 20 years old from Brighton.  To be blunt, she's so pretty I'm not sure what kind of transformation we can achieve but we'll give it a go!  Sue's story will be out on 4th October and Jasmin's on 1st November - can't wait!

Many thanks to Shirley and Simon Parker-Smith for the photography and to Huw at Rush Horsham who will be seeing our ladies next week for their hair cuts & styling.

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