Tuesday, 18 February 2014


It’s true that women form close relationships with their hairdresser and what we confide in them is often eye-opening.  My lovely neighbour, Sally, recommended Chris at Rush Chichester to me for colour as I was looking like a stripy tiger from my current woman, who was lovely, lovely, lovely, but not very good.  Initially I was sceptical.  I don’t really like salon chains; I feel that if you go to a salon with the owner in it you get a better service as it's their reputation on the line.  But Chris genuinely is the owner of Rush Chichester, it just happens to be part of a chain so that was me back in my box.   He is also International Colour Director for all 60 Rush salons and travels the world as an educator, so it’s pretty hard to catch him in but once you get him, you realise why you’ve waited.  I work in the notoriously hard-nosed beauty industry and when you have national beauty journalists consistently compliment you on your hair colour, you know you’re onto a good thing.  So, putting our deep, dark secrets to one side (yes, the ones that the rest of the salon listen into as we cackle away over coffee in our corner), I thought we’d find out more about this International Talent who is right on our doorstep and his fantastic team in Chichester.

Q:  Chris, I know that you grew up in Sussex (his Dad designed Walburton Village Hall) but why did you choose to open a salon in Chichester?
A:  I didn’t just grow up in Sussex, I grew up in Chichester.  I went to school here, went out here and so once I decided to open my own salon Chichester was the most obvious place as I know the people and I love it.
Q:  How did you go from being a regular colour technician to not only International Colour Director for Rush but also Schwarzkopf Professional Colour Technician of the Year in 2009? 
A lot of hard work!  Once qualified I started to teach, then I did my first model and then my first show.  After that, a friend and I used to do models each morning before work and take them across to show the art team.   They got so fed up that they created two shows a year for us to lead a new, young art team and I did my first international show on my 21st birthday.

Q:  Colour can be really difficult to get right.  If we’re doing colour at home or we’re coming into a salon, what should we ask for and look for?
A:  It is difficult and it’s a matter of personal taste.  If you’re in a salon ask for advice.  If they don’t have any then they are probably not very experienced.  You need someone who engages with what you want and doesn’t dictate as this could also mean that they are set in their ways.  At Rush Chichester we work to create a natural look that is soft, wearable, suits the client’s skin tone and cut.
At home, don’t go for a big change in your hair colour and remember, colour will not lighten previously coloured hair, that’s why salons strip and bleach hair before putting a lighter shade on.  Salons know the process and how to correct at every stage so do be really careful if you attempt this at home.  Go with a quality brand such as L’Oreal for small, overall changes if you want to colour at home.
Q:  If I’m visiting Rush Chichester for the first time, who should I ask for and why?
Julianne is a colour specialist of over 25 years who I met when we were on the Sassoon Art Team together.  Stacey cuts, colours, is an NVQ teacher and was a regional finalist in the L’Oreal Colour Trophy,  Anna is our Colour Director and means we are the only Rush salon in the UK able to train our apprentices in-house.  Anna was also a national finalist in the L’Oreal Colour Trophy and is brilliant at cutting too.   Gianni does the most amazing blow dries and is a cutting/styling expert, Sabrina is a great all rounder and Emily and Abby are just qualifying after two and a half years, they are amazing so don’t think it’s just me that’s experienced!

 Q:  What colours are you predicting for Summer 2014?
A:  Truer Red shades in a move away from the deeper darker shades that have been popular recently.  Brunettes will have cooler, mocha shades but with softer shades through the ends that create a looser more summery feel.  Blondes will have more of a multi-textured highlighted feel that goes with this messy-dressy vibe at the moment in golden, caramel and champagne shades which are far more natural than the icier blondes of late. 

Rush Chichester is at 42 East Street
Prices for cut and blowdry form £39 and Permanent Colour from £58.
To book contact the salon on: T: 01243 885348 or online at www.rush.co.uk

PS this is not a "paid for" post.  I haven't received cash, goods nor services for this, I just genuinely think it's a good salon that strives for excellence and we're lucky to have such a team in Sussex.  Also, Chris is a really decent bloke!